Poetry Book Review 3 – Borrowings of the Shan Van Vocht

“Our only study is the wet. Only loss is the sun’s grope overhead.”Bog Body Murmurs.


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About the Book:

Borrowings of the Shan Van Vocht by Catherine Moore was published April 2020 by Unsolicited Press. This collection of prose poems explores lost voices of the soil-mummified nameless, whose bodies are recovered from bog lands. The ‘borrowings’ in Borrowings of the Shan Van Vocht are Bog Bodies—naturally preserved corpses— displayed sometimes like sideshow curiosities in museums worldwide. These bodies are titled after the bog, melting and churning, which exhumed them. 

Borrowings of the Shan Van Vocht by Catherine Moore isn’t just poetry about corpses found in bogs around Europe it is about women. Their histories and struggles before they were hanged, murdered or died in tragic accidents. They are voices from the past echoing our own lives in the present.

“The disappeared make no sound, only whispered in the weeds and grass.” The Wind Concurs

Catherine Moore has managed to humanise the dead with emotional clarity and beautifully simple prose. Some of the stories told are sad and lonely. Others died violent deaths. If you are looking for poetry outside the norm Borrowings of the Shan Van Vocht is for you.

Rated: 5 Jumping Dolphins

About the author:

Catherine Moore is the author of several collections including the latest from Unsolicited Press, Borrowings of the Shan Van Vocht. She’s also the co-editor of FIOLET & WING: An Anthology of Domestic Fabulist Poetry. A Hambidge fellow, her work is widely published and her honors include Yemassee Journal’s Fiction Prize, the Southeast Review’s Poetry Prize, and inclusion in the juried BEST SMALL FICTIONS. Catherine holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and she teaches. http://www.catherinemooreauthor.com 

Facebook: @authorcatherinemoore Twitter: @CatPoetic

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